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JS ~ age 55

"Microcurrent natural face-lift treatments at Rejuvenescence has lifted my chin, jaw and brow. My skin is smooth, radiant, even toned and those wrinkles are now so very fine people say "What Wrinkles?" No one believes me when I tell them my real age. I saw real results after a few treatments, and have continued with the maintenance plan for ongoing improvement. I LOVE this all natural remedy!"


PY ~ age 56

"Anna is fabulous! My son was getting married and I wanted to look my best. I called Anna and asked if she could take a few years off my face quickly. And she did! I love the micro current treatments—they’re relaxing and they really make a difference. I got so many compliments about how good I looked. A lot of people have been complimenting my haircut/color even though I haven’t changed either. The difference is really the toning in my face. It’s subtle, so people can’t quite tell what has changed and they assume it’s my hair. Anna’s micro current treatments are my little secret…. "


MF ~ age 35

"As a woman, I am always looking for ways to stay young. I have recently been looking for a way to rejuvenate my skin, especially my face, and researched a myraid of different methods. After looking at the cost and side effects of botox, chemical peels, etc., I was delighted to find a NATURAL alternative to skin restoration. Anna answered all of my questions, calmed my fears, and rejuvenated my face. The thing I noticed most after treatments was rehydration of my skin. My skin feels softer and the pores are smaller! Thanks Anna! People are now noticing."


SC ~ age 47

"I’ve always believed in facial toning as an anti-aging tool through either exercise or low-current electricity. I must confess due to my lazy nature, I never quite mastered the exercises and yes, I’ve even tried those “seen on TV” hand-held zapping devices. Once, I even tried the “Son of Jason” mask that allowed you to get electric current to all of those points to stimulate them at once. I think the theory was to get the exercise over in less time? I guess quiet signs of desperation… My husband’s laughter, however, was not so quiet. Anyway, I also tried micro-current treatments in DFW. She was a nice lady with wonderful hands and great products. However, the current was so strong that sometimes it bothered my teeth when it was applied over my cheeks close to my mouth. I did the 10 treatments and seemed to notice some change. Then I moved to Austin.


In a few months, I decided it was time to try something else natural again before opting for cosmetic surgery. With Anna’s technique, the current is undetectable - so much so that I thought nothing would happen. To my absolute delight and amazement, I was wrong! I think I really started to notice after about 4 treatments. Even before that, Anna would tell me that she could already see changes but I was trying to remain unbiased and scientific. Now I can’t deny it - my brows have lifted, my crow’s feet are much improved and I can see my jaw line again. On top of that, my skin has somehow changed to where I hardly need to exfoliate as it seems to be taking care of itself. This is much more comfortable and is working better than the other micro-current treatments. AND - IT IS WORKING!!


What can I say – I’m greedy! I’ve just finished my 20th treatment with Anna and can’t wait to get my after photos taken. And – I’ve signed up for 10 more treatments – he, he. The way I see it – as long as I can see continued improvement – why not? It’s still cheaper and infinitely safer than surgery. Hmmm….I wonder if I can get back to looking 40 again… I am ecstatic! Thank you, thank you, Anna!"


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Are you looking for a natural alternative to invasive surgery and injectables?  Are you preparing for a loved one’s wedding, high school reunion, or other special event?  Have you ever had someone say “Wow, you look really tired today?” Well what if they started saying “Wow, you look really rested today.” Regain your youthful glow with Rejuvenescence Microcurrent Face Toning and body treatments.  The experience is wonderfully relaxing, causes no pain, swelling and the age-defying results are remarkable.


Microcurrent improves blood flow to the face, stimulating collagen production (a protein found in connective tissue, like skin, giving it strength and elasticity), improves skin tone and texture, and can eliminate fine lines. The process is cumulative: more treatments bring more noticeable and lasting results.  Most people see their desired results within 10-15 treatments. Over time and with follow-up treatments, your results can be even more visible as the body continues to produce higher levels of new collagen and wrinkles smooth out.         


One of the several unique features of this process is that the treatments work in synergy with Eminence Organic Skin Care products, described as a raw food diet for your face. They will be available at your first visit. 


Microcurrent can be your new secret weapon.  People will start noticing that you look refreshed, well rested, and with an overall glowing appearance. It’s a subtle change but with each microcurrent session you  will take years off your appearance.  Your friends will be asking, what is your secret. 


Rejuvenescence, ​Austin's premier MICROCURRENT studio, located in Westlake. Come experience the latest in anti-aging technology and start the rejuvenation today. Make your appointment today. Ask about our new client special!


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